Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some pictures

This is some of Athens' street art- more to come later.

This is me on my first day- the Acropolis is behind me.

This is my driver, Edmond, driving the bus into Albania very early in the morning.

Th is is Albania very early in the morning.

This is me in Tirana with all my bags. A random girl just stopped me on the street to take a picture of me with my own camera.



  1. Yea, pictures... I love the graffiti one and a peek at Edmond! Just saw a fantastic movie, "Exit through the Gift Shop" all about street artists... like you really get to see them work at night... illegally!
    Keep those pix coming and more descriptions... remember I am an artist! You look fantastic... was that YOU on the first day... you look so awake... no jetlag!

  2. Oops, forgot to tell you the above comment was from Patty Simon, not Alex SImon... I used his google account!

  3. 1. i love your earrings!!!
    2. you would have that many bags.
    3. i love and miss you.